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Pot & Plot Episode 015: Phenomena (w/ Pitter Patter)

Jonathan Perez, aka Pitter Patter, joins the show to talk about the Dario Argento classic Phenomena. They did not watch the movie Phenomenon. There's a difference, Google! One's plural! Find out if sleep walking and talking to insects can help solve murders!

Check out Pitter Patter's awesome music and buy his debut album by going to! His track "Fresh Simpson" is at the end of this week's episode.

Pot & Plot Episode 014: Mad Max Fury Road (w/ Rahul Rao)

Rahul Rao is back, and he brought another great movie that he is passionate about. Check out this week's episode of Pot & Plot!


Pot & Plot Episode 012: Joshua and The Promised Land (w/ Billy Trim)

Billy Trim joins us this week to watch and discuss the Christian animated feature Joshua and The Promised Land. I don't even know what to tell ya, other than this movie is bad. Hear Steph, Billy, and Josh rip it a new asshole.


Pot & Plot Episode 011: Fantastic Planet (w/ Jermaine Warren)

Houston-based stand-up comedian Jermaine Warren joins Pot & Plot this week to watch & discuss the French animation classic FANTASTIC PLANET. This movie is pretty well regarded by film buffs. Find out how Steph, Jermaine, and Josh react.


Pot & Plot Episode 010: K-PAX w/ Mai Ha

Mai Ha from Space City Chronicles joins us for Episode 10. She wanted to watch K-PAX, a movie that Steph has never seen. Critics hate this movie, but audiences think it's alright. Find out how Steph, Mai, and Josh react on this week's episode of Pot & Plot.


Pot & Plot Episode 008: Nerve

Steph and Josh smerked a bewl and went to see NERVE for free. Find out what they think about this interesting look at how the internet affects our lives.


Pot & Plot Episode 007: Sausage Party (w/ Alex Oriani)

An episode that wasn't even planned! Steph & Josh went to the movies with Steph's Ladies Nite troupemate Alex Oriani and saw Sausage Party. This is what they think about it!


Pot & Plot Episode 006: Bee Movie (w/ Ned Gayle)

Steph used to be in an improv troupe called Doctor Cop. Ned Gayle was also in that troupe, and now they're all on an episode of Pot & Plot together! Check out Ned Gayle on podcasts The Stacks and Honey, I Shrunk the Binge and check out his work with Outside Skin and comedy collective MicroSatan.

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Pot & Plot Episode 005: Howard the Duck (w/ John Razmataz)

John Razmataz of Space City Chronicles joins Steph & Josh on the fifth episode of Pot & Plot! They celebrate the 30 year anniversary of Howard the Duck, generally considered to be one of the worst movies of all time.


Josh & Steph’s Blanket Fort Podcast - April Highlights

Highlights from Josh & Steph's Blanket Fort Standup Party from April 2016! Featuring Zahid Dewji, Conner Clifton, Billy Trim, and Outside Skin (Ned Gayle and Cody Dale Edgar)


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