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Pot & Plot Episode 014: Mad Max Fury Road (w/ Rahul Rao)

Rahul Rao is back, and he brought another great movie that he is passionate about. Check out this week's episode of Pot & Plot!


Pot & Plot Episode 012: Joshua and The Promised Land (w/ Billy Trim)

Billy Trim joins us this week to watch and discuss the Christian animated feature Joshua and The Promised Land. I don't even know what to tell ya, other than this movie is bad. Hear Steph, Billy, and Josh rip it a new asshole.


Pot & Plot Episode 011: Fantastic Planet (w/ Jermaine Warren)

Houston-based stand-up comedian Jermaine Warren joins Pot & Plot this week to watch & discuss the French animation classic FANTASTIC PLANET. This movie is pretty well regarded by film buffs. Find out how Steph, Jermaine, and Josh react.


Pot & Plot Episode 010: K-PAX w/ Mai Ha

Mai Ha from Space City Chronicles joins us for Episode 10. She wanted to watch K-PAX, a movie that Steph has never seen. Critics hate this movie, but audiences think it's alright. Find out how Steph, Mai, and Josh react on this week's episode of Pot & Plot.


Pot & Plot Episode 008: Nerve

Steph and Josh smerked a bewl and went to see NERVE for free. Find out what they think about this interesting look at how the internet affects our lives.


Pot & Plot Episode 007: Sausage Party (w/ Alex Oriani)

An episode that wasn't even planned! Steph & Josh went to the movies with Steph's Ladies Nite troupemate Alex Oriani and saw Sausage Party. This is what they think about it!


Pot & Plot Episode 006: Bee Movie (w/ Ned Gayle)

Steph used to be in an improv troupe called Doctor Cop. Ned Gayle was also in that troupe, and now they're all on an episode of Pot & Plot together! Check out Ned Gayle on podcasts The Stacks and Honey, I Shrunk the Binge and check out his work with Outside Skin and comedy collective MicroSatan.

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