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Pot & Plot Episode 016: Don’t Breathe (w/ Justin Massengale)

Justin Massengale joins the show to discuss the movie Don't Breathe. This new horror movie is one that Stephanie has been excited about seeing for awhile now. Did it live up to her hype? Check out this week's podcast!


Pot & Plot Episode 014: Mad Max Fury Road (w/ Rahul Rao)

Rahul Rao is back, and he brought another great movie that he is passionate about. Check out this week's episode of Pot & Plot!


Pot and Plot Episode 001: V/H/S 2

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Introducing Pot and Plot, the first podcast from Josh and Steph Present. Join host Stephanie as she smokes a bowl and tells you all of her feelings about the horror film V/H/S 2.