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Pot & Plot Episode 028: Ghost Dog (w/ Chuck Vaughn)

The Way of the Samurai is a selfless one where you have to read books about it AND practice it. Which sounds like a lot of work to me but probably why there's no Samurai movie about me. Forrest Whitaker is mostly convincing as a Samurai but definitely convincing as a lover of books. He bonds with people over those bound pages, over ice cream, and an appreciation for pigeons so there's something for everyone! Which you see as we discuss it with special guest Chuck Vaughn! Especially if you're into racist old Italian men, a French ice cream man, a sassy well read girl named Pearline, and the GD Ghost Dog himself! This movie's ARF ARF AF dawg!


Pot & Plot Episode 027: Moonlight

If you're looking for something dynamic, visual, history making, and award winning then you're checking out the right podcast! We kid, we kid. Who wants to listen to a visual podcast? Talk about polarizing disconnect! All those wonderful descriptors actually apply to the excellent movie we take a trip to the theaters to cover this week, Moonlight. Would we highly recommend it or would we recommend it highly? Well, I guess there's no way of knowing besides listening!


Pot & Plot Episode 024: Female Trouble (w/ Tessa Ehrman)

Our first John Waters movie to review! It’s about damn time...we know. Please excuse our lateness and delight in this week’s divine episode where Steph and Josh peep Female Trouble with guest Tessa Ehrman. She met John Waters the week this was recorded so she has some nicely nasty insights into that marvelous mind of his. Put on your chacha heels and get ready to get rank with this school bashing, campy, immoral, at times uncomfortable, over the top, wild episode, ya filthy animal!


Pot & Plot Episode 021: Empire Records (w/ Erica & Kendall)

Josh & Steph are joined by their friends Erica & Kendall to watch a movie Erica loves and Stephanie has never seen - Empire Records. Spoiler alert: Stephanie still hasn't really seen it because she fell asleep! Podcasting while stoned is hard, you guys!


Pot & Plot Episode 020: The Dark Crystal

Steph had never seen The Dark Crystal, which is kind of blasphmous considering she claims to be such a big Jim Henson fan. Listen as Steph, Josh, and their guest get real high, eat bolognese, and watch one of the darkest children's movie ever made.


Pot & Plot Episode 019: The Doom Generation (w/ John Wayne Comunale)

Author and musician John Wayne Comunale joins this week's show to watch and discuss the film The Doom Generation. This film is pretty twisted. Hear what Steph, Josh, and John Wayne have to say about it and more on this week's Pot & Plot!


Pot & Plot Episode 018: I Heart Huckabees

Josh & Steph return after a week off to watch the movie I HEART HUCKABEES for this brand new episode of Pot & Plot!


Pot & Plot Episode 017: The Wicker Man (w/ Shane Clark)

Shane Clark is a standup comedian from Vancouver, B.C. He joins Steph & Josh on this week's Pot & Plot. He performed at the Blanket Fort Standup Party for Trill Comedy Festival. Shane, Steph, & Josh watch the 2006 Nicolas Cage film The Wicker Man and let you know all their thoughts on it, as well as their thoughts on current television shows. It's Pot & Plot!


Pot & Plot Episode 016: Don’t Breathe (w/ Justin Massengale)

Justin Massengale joins the show to discuss the movie Don't Breathe. This new horror movie is one that Stephanie has been excited about seeing for awhile now. Did it live up to her hype? Check out this week's podcast!


Pot & Plot Episode 015: Phenomena (w/ Pitter Patter)

Jonathan Perez, aka Pitter Patter, joins the show to talk about the Dario Argento classic Phenomena. They did not watch the movie Phenomenon. There's a difference, Google! One's plural! Find out if sleep walking and talking to insects can help solve murders!

Check out Pitter Patter's awesome music and buy his debut album by going to! His track "Fresh Simpson" is at the end of this week's episode.

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