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Pot & Plot Episode 017: The Wicker Man (w/ Shane Clark)

Shane Clark is a standup comedian from Vancouver, B.C. He joins Steph & Josh on this week's Pot & Plot. He performed at the Blanket Fort Standup Party for Trill Comedy Festival. Shane, Steph, & Josh watch the 2006 Nicolas Cage film The Wicker Man and let you know all their thoughts on it, as well as their thoughts on current television shows. It's Pot & Plot!


Pot And Plot Episode 004: Face/Off

The Nicolas Cage TWO PART SERIES of Pot And Plot ends with a much better movie: Face/Off. Steph got pretty decently high two separate times to watch halves of Face/Off. Then she got incredibly high to record her thoughts about it. Enjoy Pot And Plot!

Pot And Plot Episode 003: Left Behind

This episode of Pot And Plot is the first in a TWO PART SERIES of Nicolas Cage movies. The first movie is the absolutely shit LEFT BEHIND. Yeah, it's based on the novels about the rapture. Yeah, it's as terrible as you'd imagine. Get high with Steph and enjoy the show!