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Pot & Plot Episode 027: Moonlight

If you're looking for something dynamic, visual, history making, and award winning then you're checking out the right podcast! We kid, we kid. Who wants to listen to a visual podcast? Talk about polarizing disconnect! All those wonderful descriptors actually apply to the excellent movie we take a trip to the theaters to cover this week, Moonlight. Would we highly recommend it or would we recommend it highly? Well, I guess there's no way of knowing besides listening!


Pot & Plot Episode 025: Arrival (w/ Alex Oriani)

Where were you the day the aliens arrived? I'm not talking about when Mars Attacked, when Bill Pullman was president, or when Agents J and K met them. I mean when they arrived, like in the sci-fi/first contact film Arrival. Well, Steph and Josh were in some bougie ass theater with friend of the show and quirky creator, Alex Oriani, to see the enchanting Amy Adams try to talk with these extraterrestrials. Now they're ready to exercise their language skills to chat about this movie which also starred Jeremy Renner as a physicist (what a leap) and Forrest Whitacre as the guy working for big government (say whaaat) if you care. Was their experience otherworldly? Press play and all will be revealed!


Pot & Plot Episode 023: Yoga Hosers (w/ Mehdi Mourles)

Like, are you goofing? You don’t know what this episode is aboot? Well, like, Steph and Josh watch Kevin Smith’s latest movie Yoga Hosers on Netflix because their guest Mehdi Mourles like, wanted to, or something. Interesting timing as it seems we are all being surrounded by, like, bratzis in the real world. So it’s, like, oddly relatable in a way, I guess. You’ll really have to listen to see what they all thought or whatever. I’m Snapchatting this. Anyway, are we done here? I’ve totes gotta jet to yoga class. Namaste! *prayer hands emoji*


Pot & Plot Episode 021: Empire Records (w/ Erica & Kendall)

Josh & Steph are joined by their friends Erica & Kendall to watch a movie Erica loves and Stephanie has never seen - Empire Records. Spoiler alert: Stephanie still hasn't really seen it because she fell asleep! Podcasting while stoned is hard, you guys!


Pot & Plot Episode 020: The Dark Crystal

Steph had never seen The Dark Crystal, which is kind of blasphmous considering she claims to be such a big Jim Henson fan. Listen as Steph, Josh, and their guest get real high, eat bolognese, and watch one of the darkest children's movie ever made.


Pot & Plot Episode 018: I Heart Huckabees

Josh & Steph return after a week off to watch the movie I HEART HUCKABEES for this brand new episode of Pot & Plot!


Pot & Plot Episode 016: Don’t Breathe (w/ Justin Massengale)

Justin Massengale joins the show to discuss the movie Don't Breathe. This new horror movie is one that Stephanie has been excited about seeing for awhile now. Did it live up to her hype? Check out this week's podcast!


Pot & Plot Episode 015: Phenomena (w/ Pitter Patter)

Jonathan Perez, aka Pitter Patter, joins the show to talk about the Dario Argento classic Phenomena. They did not watch the movie Phenomenon. There's a difference, Google! One's plural! Find out if sleep walking and talking to insects can help solve murders!

Check out Pitter Patter's awesome music and buy his debut album by going to! His track "Fresh Simpson" is at the end of this week's episode.

Pot & Plot Episode 014: Mad Max Fury Road (w/ Rahul Rao)

Rahul Rao is back, and he brought another great movie that he is passionate about. Check out this week's episode of Pot & Plot!


Pot & Plot Episode 012: Joshua and The Promised Land (w/ Billy Trim)

Billy Trim joins us this week to watch and discuss the Christian animated feature Joshua and The Promised Land. I don't even know what to tell ya, other than this movie is bad. Hear Steph, Billy, and Josh rip it a new asshole.


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