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Pot & Plot Episode 25: Arrival (w/ Alex Oriani)

Posted on January 22nd, 2017

Where were you the day the aliens arrived? I'm not talking about when Mars Attacked, when Bill Pullman was president, or when Agents J and K met them. I mean when they arrived, like in the sci-fi/first contact film Arrival. Well, Steph and Josh were in some bougie ass theater with friend of the show and quirky creator, Alex Oriani, to see the enchanting Amy Adams try to talk with these extraterrestrials. Now they're ready to exercise their language skills to chat about this movie which also starred Jeremy Renner as a physicist (what a leap) and Forrest Whitacre as the guy working for big government (say whaaat) if you care. Was their experience otherworldly? Press play and all will be revealed!